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The Game is CF. The Goal is to Win. LIFE is the Reward. Let's Play

Transplant Evaluation

Meet My Transplant Team

"I can do the things you cannot, you can do the things I cannot; Together we can do great things." -Mother Theresa

October 4, 2013. The Day my CF doctor recommended me for a Double Lung Transplant.

Unfortunately that day I was also hospitalized with a Lung Infection and a Lung Function of 24% the Normal Pulmonary Capacity. At 23 years old I was told by my doctor "We have built you up. Now you have to FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE". I will Fight I told him. I am #CFSTRONG

Keeping Busy in the Hospital with my Service Dog Londonn

Going into Surgery! #ChronicBadass

Dr. Mindelzun fell in love with my Baby that Day

Then I was recommended to a Primary Physician .....

and I thought Why? But I met with Dr. Chu anyways

We talked for an hour (which is about a week in doctor/patient appointment time), and we still only got to about the basics of my history so I scheduled a follow up..Bye Dr. Chu xoxo

Then it was time to get a new portacath so I would be completely ready for transplant and to be accessed the next time I needed medicine without any issues. (A portacath is a medical appliance placed underneath the skin. The catheter directly connects to a vein leading to my lungs. This allows me to receive medicine frequently.) Soooo....I went into surgery

Out with the Old. In with the New

Surgeon Ryan and I. Sweetest Man I've ever met. We're Besties Now

...And I came out smiling with new friends :) and a few new scars but who's counting really #battlewounds

..I tried to take it easy and heal my wounds..

Naturally, by going to a goat farm

I wanted to make cheese. #eatingtogain #cfproblems #culinary

Then Testing and Evaluation began and I met many new faces

This is Derek. He is a traveling nurse from Florida. I hope you get to see your beautiful wife and sons soon.

Thanks for My Echocardiogram. I know my heart beats fast but it's only because I'm excited for what my future holds.

Third times a charm with Carol for my bubble test xOx Breathe

This test was tricky! Armita had to get a blood gas directly from my pulse. Good job!

Then we got to the hardest part...

The Pulmonary Function test

Spiromentary Test. 11/7/2013. 21%

I blew hard. I coughed harder.
But I recovered with a little O2 help
And some Loving from Londers xoxo

Next I had an EKG

Thanks Rudy!

All these tests were exhausting but I kept #FIGHTING

Poke after Poke like a #ChronicBadass

Day One ended and after all the labs, I was sent to Ct for a scan
Thank you Mark :)

I also had an Esophagram

And more labs...they love my blood

November 13,2013 I Met My Transplant Doctors and My Surgeon

My Surgeon explaining the two different ways he could perform surgery. Exactly the size of my lungs, the way he will make the incisions, breaking of the sternum,and the recovery process. He is a Smart and talented man! I have a great Team!

The week was long and exhausting. I lost a lot of blood and had many tests but the people I met and the stories of their children and families I will never forget. Each person teaching me something along the way about how to be a stronger and kinder person. I can only hope I did the same, leaving them with a smile and happy heart the way they left me.

"People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel"