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"Helping a person will not necessarily change the world, but it will change the world for that person."

You all give me the Strength to keep Fighting

Capistrano Volkswagon Fundraiser

January 21, 2014

Noon-1pm New Car Showroom

Please join us at Capo VW in the New Car Showroom on Tuesday, January 21st from noon -1pm, where we will be hosting a lunch to benefit Caleigh in her journey for new lungs. The lunch is being sponsored by Giuseppina Colucci, owner of Massari Foods ( Lunch is free to all who attend; all donations collected at the luncheon will be matched by Capo VW and donated to Caleigh at

Caleigh Haber is one of our Capo VW family members (Used Car Manager, Harry Haber’s 23-year old daughter) that has been battling Cystic Fibrosis for years. You may be asking yourself, what’s Cystic Fibrosis? CF is a disease caused by a defective gene; a gene that produces thick and sticky mucus that builds up in the breathing passages and clogs the lungs, making it very difficult to breathe. They say that a person with Cystic Fibrosis on average lives to be in their mid-30s, but Caleigh has never let that get in the way of accomplishing her goals. Every day she fights to rise above the life-threatening genetic disease.

She has accomplished her lifelong passion of becoming a chef. After high school she moved north to San Francisco to attend Le Cordon Bleu. Once graduated, she was working 13+ hour days (on top of her medical regimen) to follow her passion. She struggles every day with what we find to be the simple, daily task of breathing. Her lungs are working at only 20% of the average person’s capacity, in order to survive she needs a double-lung transplant.

Visit Caleigh’s website for more info, to donate to her fight, and to help her rise & breathe: You can also follow her story on Instagram: @Fight2Breathe. Like/Share her story on Facebook: @Fight2Breathe. Are you an Organ donor? Become one here: Donate California

~ Capo VW

"Breathe Caleigh"

Brooke Selfie

A Huge thank you to Capo VW for the overwhelming support!

Photo Credit: Miguel Haber

San Juan Capo Patch News Article

Never Give up Hope

You never know how Strong you are, until being STRONG is the ONLY choice you have

If you attended the event and have any pictures please email them to me at and thank you for attending to show your love and support.