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"Surround yourself with the Dreamers and the Doers, the Believers and the Thinkers, but most of all, Surround yourself with those who see Greatness within You"

hunter pence Hunter Pence, San Francisco Giants My Baby Londy Baby Tui Yuet Lee :) Wendover Brown, Vogmask Chef Jacobs Robyn Sater Monaghan's Crew Alec Jacobs Rita, My favorite person in the world / Home Nurse DonLee Duncan, Cf Nurse Elika Rad, Stanford Nurse Practictioner Meg Dvorak, Stanford Social Worker Camille Washowich, Stanford Nurse Practictioner Stanford Radiology Team Chris Guzman, Stanford Transport Team Stanford Radiology Glen Hickey, Stanford Attic (Master at Port Flushes) Joe Batelder, CF patient and chef Paul Mohibir, Cystic Fibrosis MD Carlie and Aaron Eaton, My cousins :) Brandon (Boy MaHoy) Bosch, Cousin Brooke Grogan, Future Nurse Lloyd, Sutter Social Worker :) Thank you to JC Carlston and Lower Branch Art Gallery for all your Support with Fight2Breathe and our #AwarenessProject Joshua Coffy, Aritst Palo, Graffiti Artist #GoGiants Ava, Stanford Registered Nurse B3 Sabina, Stanford Radiology M.D. John C., Stanford Respiratory Therapist Rebecca, ED Pulmonary M.D. Laura Freet, Cystic Fibrosis Dietician Crisis Nurse - We call crisis to help access ports and IVs :) Ct Techs, Thanks to these guys and the help of many doctors we were able to find and treat blood clots in my lungs and other areas of my body Kristen, Registered Nurse B3 Scout Mark, Registered Nurse B3 Rodrigo, Endocrine M.D. Ken, Rt Supervisor and Ryan, Repiratory Therapist Armita, Respiratory Therapist Kevin, Registered Nurse B3 Natalie, Registered Nurse B3 Ian, Registered Nurse B3 Edita, Stanford Respiratory Therapist Tony and Tim, Respiratory Therapists Stephanie, Registered Nurse C3 Laura, Registered Nurse C3 Carole, Registered Nurse B3 Olivier, Respiratory Therapist Petra, Registered Nurse B3 and Guest Star in Rat Rap Courtney, Respiratory Therapist "Give and Believe" John, Registered Nurse B3 Ryan, Registered Nurse B3 Darren, Registered Nurse B3 Charles, Respiratory Therapist Peter and Leila Cassaundra xoxo Priyan My Beautiful Mama ENT Doctor Thank you for the Christmas Cheesecake Sahani and Iolee Chandraratna Mr. C Ashley and Will Amos, Li Po :) Untouched Poetry Ryan Ashley, Poet Jaime and Patrick Jeff Gaeto Mike Bueno Judy Gastrointestinal Doctor Bijan Gastrointestinal Doctor Sinha Mark Stanford Transport Team Members Andrew, Ron and Chris Stanford Clinical Lab Team William, Stanford Gift Shop Scott, Stanford Lab Bang, Stanford Lab Heather, Stanford Lab Pronto Rosie Monster Muffin Shaniqua Rodiruez-Fritz Tiffany and Florida Girls #GoNiners Juan Carlos, Stanford Food Service Hab, Stanford Staff Meredith, Nuerology Check In Dr. McIntire, Nuerologist Lori, Medical Assistant Dr. Iris Ma, Primary Care Physician Dr. Burak Alsan, Primary Care Physician :) Alyssa Chamberlain Nevin, Lab Sean, Lab Emma and Lance Peter, Li Po Ken, Ace Wasabi Rock n' Roll Sushi SF Alvin Garcia Nikkie and Noah Cabral Samson Fatemeh Mohammadi, ENT Waleed Abuzeid, ENT Dr. Nayak, ENT Surgeon Uzi Shamash David and Mary, Cystic Fibrosis Research Inc. Interventional Radiology Transport Gregg Tony, Respiratory Therapist Martina, Stanford House Cleaning <3 Rocky and Eddie Jessica, Amanda, and Kari, Freind,CFer (post tx), CF mom Lauren Slykhous and Michael Carpol Vicki and Corinne Easterling Jen and Greg Badger, My cousins DeeDee Pichard Stand Up Paddling, Santa Barbara Stanford Emergency Department Valet Jim Harvey, Stanford Respiratory Therapist Dr. Anderson, Stanford Pain Clinic Stanford Lab Carol, Respiratory Technician Lauren, Sutter Home Health IV Nurse Michelle Stroebe, Cystic Fibrosis/Transplant Dietician Corinne Cooley, Phyiscal Therapist Conor and Cody Erin Campbell Me :) Caleigh Sarah Haber

If your Dreams don't scare you they aren't Big Enough

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