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My Wings

"Turn your can't into cans, and your dreams into plans."

All your Dreams can come true, If you have the Courage to pursue them
~ Dreaming of New Lungs ~

Santa Margarita Catholic High School

Tumble and Turn-a-thon

December 10 & 12, 2013

6:30 pm @ OC All Stars in Foothill Ranch, CA

Growing up as a teenager in high school you would have never guessed I had a genetic disease that 5 years later I would be asking for help in order to survive. I was involved in all the social events my peers were. I went to parties, dances, and attended my classes; but my main focus was always cheerleading. I began cheerleading in 6th grade. At the time I was a competitive gymnast and my gym had a cheer squad that would practice three days a week. I found it very exciting and decided to join, doing both sports at the same time for almost three years. As high school approached I was overjoyed with the thought of cheering on my school's team. I cheerlead for the Eagles Varsity Squad all four years of school. Sometimes with Picc line IVs in my arms. I remember running the track, practicing routines, tumbling, stunting, and dancing on days I wasnt feeling well and gasping for air thinking, how could I ever go on breathing this way and swearing I was going to collapse but I always fought through the lack of air and remembered what was important to me; my team, my coaches, my school, my friends, and most of all my family. Today I fight to breathe for everyone and for myself that one day I can exercise freely again and feel the same exhilerating joy I felt as I did all those years before.

“Right now, I’m literally fighting to live because my lungs are dying,” she said in a phone interview from Stanford Hospital & Clinics. “I don’t have reserves on my lungs now. I need a transplant as soon as possible.”

Haber had an active childhood and high school life despite the genetic disorder and having to take up to 60 pills a day. She competed in varsity cheerleading all four years at Santa Margarita Catholic High School, even after the cystic fibrosis became aggressive. Though she got pneumonia and was in and out of the hospital, Haber never missed a competition or game, said Dana Maas, her cheerleading coach at Santa Margarita. She’d tumble, yell and grin right alongside her teammates.

“They have two and a half minutes on the floor, and she’d come off and just collapse,” Maas said. “I would give her an inhaler and help her breathe.”

~ Tomoya Shimura

SM Pep Squad Turn and Tumble-a-Thon Video

The girls sit with Coach Dana Maas as she explains to them my breathing and how hard I work for each breath of oxygen. She tells them that when they do their 2 and a half minute routine and are out of breath afterward that is how I feel doing simple activities because of my lung function.

Adam, OCRegister Photographer

Tomoya, OCRegister Writer

Thank you for the incredible support from SMCHS offices while I was in the hospital :)

A heartfelt thank you to my SMCHS Eagles for all the support!

Photo Credit: Miguel Haber and Cassaundra Jonsson
Video Credit: Dana Maas

OCRegister Article

Thank you for making a difference in my Life

Every breath is a second chance

If you attended the event and have any pictures please email them to me at and thank you for attending to show your love and support.