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Great Strides 2013

Chronic Badass

Team Breathe

Team Breathe had an incredible past year at Great Strides 2013. Keeping the tradition alive we had two teams, one in San Diego and one in San Francisco. I cannot express how very grateful I am to everyone who donated and walked for spreading awareness to a disease still only emerging and being discovered. I set a personal goal and met my goal within the first day through social media. I cannot begin to describe to you how incredibly overjoyed I was in that 24 hours. I remember being overtaken by so many emotions at once, disbelief and shock were only a few, at the amount of encouragement I received so quickly. The overflowing support only kept me driven toward a larger goal for my CF community. As I thought about each Cysta and fiBro I share connections with my fundraising took over and with the amazing doing of your help we raised well past our goal. The sun was shining as I woke up the morning of the walk and as I walked up to Crissy Field, friends and family greeted me with smiles. Some friends I knew and some where joining the team as new members. We all walked side by side along the San Francisco bay on and I know my supporters were not only walking for me but walking for themselves. For all the hard work they put into helping me everyday. To keep strong, to keep me alive. We are a Team. You all truely make me feel like a Chronic Badass. I am looking forward the Team Breathe's 2014.

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