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Great Strides 2014

Team Fight2Breathe

Changing our Team name from simply, Breathe to Fight2Breathe, this year the team consisted of my closest friends and family. We headed to Crissy Field Beach in San Francisco where it was cold and windy and the mist from the bay hit our bones like ice. But we all were grateful to arrive with smiles across our faces in hopes of spreading awareness for myself, the friends we've made also suffering with Cystic Fibrosis and all the other cystas and fibros around the world. However unlike all the other years in the past, this year I was unable to walk the event due to fatigue and poor health. But that didn't stop me from feeling like part of the team. As I stood on top of a grassy patch overlooking the path my team descended upon, I danced to the music blaring over the speakers and watched for them to return in pure excitement (as I ate a cupcake of course;) ). When it came time for teams to begin pouring back into the meeting area, I wheeled my oxygen back down the hill and to the picnic tables where my friends greeted me. We then chatted about the walk and enjoyed each others company still shivering in the cold only to mention how much we were looking forward to my next year being able to run Great Strides with new lungs!