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"I am too positive to be doubtful, too optimistic to be fearful, and too determined to be defeated."

Life isn't what you're given. It's about what you create, what you conquer and what you aim to achieve.

Greentag Clothing

GreentagClothing's mission is to design great products with minimal environmental impact, promote sustainable living, and inspire others to stand up for mother nature because her voice often goes unheard.

fight2breathe x greentag pouch

This clutch was made in Los Angeles of deadstock material donated by local manufacturers.

Breathing. It's something so simple. Something most people take for granted. The ability to live past the age of 20 or even 30, to obtain a successful career, to raise children, and to travel. The average healthy person inhales about 28,800 breaths a day without even working at it or thinking twice. For me breathing is a luxury and a full-time job. Everyday I fight to breathe.

Hi. My name is Caleigh Sarah Haber. I am 23 years old, loving everyday of my life and living it to the fullest. I have my hard days but mostly I live positively with a smile doing all the things I love and desire to do. I have a genetic disease Cystic Fibrosis. I was diagnosed at birth and currently told I need a new set of lungs. I most recently finished my pre-transplant testing and evaluation and was placed on the organ recipient waiting list for a double lung transplant.

Lung Transplantation will be an exciting journey for my friends, family, and myself. Please show your support any way you can to help me secure a new healthy life of breathing easy.

Thank you for taking care of yourself, mother earth, and most importantly...each other!

-Caleigh, Armand, & Chris

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Greentag's minimalistic, salvaged leather wallets are made of scraps donated by local jacket manufacturers. Their inner lining are made of recycled bandanas, scarves, and handkerchiefs.


All Greentag's stuff is collected and produced in Los Angeles.


When life is sweet say thank you and celebrate. When life is bitter say thank you and grow..

My mom, Lizeth Haber _ San Franciso, Ca & My sister, Lauryn _ Santa Barbara, Ca Corinne Easterling _ Orange County, California Courtney Rothman _ Salt Lake City, Utah Nikkie Cabral _ Fall River, Massachusetts Caroline Bailey _ Los Angeles, California Helene Vitalone Casper Carlie Bosch _ Riverside, California Ashley Ballou-Bonnema _ South Dakota My Mom _ North Beach, San Francisco

I thank you for your part in my journey

If you purchased a clutch and have any pictures please email them to me at and thank you for showing your love and support.